Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter 2 page 398 - TR 147 6 miles of "I'm going to fail in C-town"

After having LOTS of rest days this week (read that as LAZY days . . . though I convinced myself it was 'rest' not laziness' as I'm mini tapering for my half next weekend PLUS I'm babying my quad in hopes that it will miraculously quit hurting).

After only getting in one run this week (7 miler on Wednesday), I still had a 2, 4, and 5 miler left on my training plan for the week - ummmm, well . . . .I had no choice but to pull myself off of the couch. 

I had 3 route options in my head a 4 miler, a 5 miler and a 6 miler.  I was doing pretty well at 2.5 miles so I opted for the 6 miler. At about 2.75 I opted to eat 2 bloks just to see if it would make any difference in how I felt in the end.   I then walked through that interval (the beginning of the pathetic end).  I then did 2 more intervals (I was using 2:15 & 1:45 since I'm hoping to use 2 & 2 in Chicago) and stopped at a water fountain for a spritzing - let me tell you, with the heat index at 95* I was a hot mess.  That really was the middle of the end for me - I walked all but one interval in the next half mile (my legs just didn't feel like they could go, I was hot, bored, scared about how far it seemed I had to go to get back to the car, and it was super hard to breathe with the high humidity).  I then decided I was pathetic and started off power walking with 2.20 miles left to go.  I hate walking and felt as if I needed to slow down - that's just horrible - seriously, I can't even power walk at this point?  So I gently slid into a shuffle/jog and began counting (whispering aloud actually) each step.  I would get to 100 and then say "let's do another 100" - I counted to 100 LOTS of times - maybe 12-15.  I ended up running about .8.  I then walked like .7 and then ran 500 steps straight again.  I certainly can't go 13 miles counting the steps - it seriously gets annoying - but it worked and I'll have to remember it as a "dig deep" strategy for next weekend!

Well, there you have it - not great, but done - as pathetic as it was - it was on target for my goal pace in Chicago (since it's a training run for me, I'd really like to finish in 3:15 or even 3:20 wouldn't be the end of the world for me - now my racing partner wants and deserves to finish faster - we'll have to figure out how to keep me from dying and getting her across the line faster (maybe we run the first 10K together and then meet up at the end - other ideas?).

Not the confidence I was looking for, but now I'm thinking past this weekend and all about the half next month (Fort 4 Fitness) where my goal for the past year has been to run a sub 3 . . .not sure what's going to be required in my training to make that happen since it currently seems SO unobtainable.


  1. Who is your race partner?! Another blogger?

    I would say definitely discuss the game plan beforehand and be respectful of what each other wants out of the race. Starting together sounds great.

    Just be careful to not go out too fast for yourself. I would hate to see you go out fast with the faster person, then it makes the rest of your race suffer. Easy does it!

  2. I always count to 100 in my head--and you might laugh, but sometimes I can do it for 10 miles straight! It's nice to focus on something else, even if it's as silly as numbers! Great technique for the half!

  3. Counting is such a great tool when it's tough out there!

    Some tips for you:
    *Don't call yourself pathetic. I think your head is limiting you though I do admit the heat SUCKS.
    *When it feels tough, I like to imagine someone running with me. I used to picture my dad riding his bike next to me during tough tempo runs during F4F training. Thinking about how proud he'd be of me and him being with me helped a lot.
    *Also on the imagination front, picture a frenemy - someone you would want to beat - up ahead. I did this on tempo runs, too.
    *Focus on one step, one race. What you do at RNR does not dictate how you'll do at F4F.
    *Remember there are a lot of people who believe in you.
    *Know there are popsicles at the finish line :)

  4. I can totally relate to where you are mentally after my last run, but I truly believe you have put in the proper training and will do great in Chicago.

    I can't offer a ton of advice since I haven't done a long race before, but just go out there and take it one mile at a time. Soak it all in and have a good time.

    I definitely think that Kimberly is onto something, I find that running is so much of a mental thing for me. I love the idea of imagining someone running with you or imagining a frenemy ahead of you that would want to beat. For me, that would be a HUGE motivating factor.

    I know you want to run with your new friend, but I would definitely share your thoughts with her. I think its important that you guys have fun together, but I would hate for either of you to be disappointed by how you did. I like the idea of starting together, but agree with Holly - definitely make sure that you don't push so hard that you struggle at the end. You want to enjoy the race!

    You will do great, I know it. And, you will have an awesome medal, and after St. Louis you will get an uber cool "extra medal" :)

  5. You did your training, right? That's a huge accomplishment in itself! Most of the time getting the motivation to get up and go is the difficult part- and you totally did that so give yourself a high five.

    Another plus is that even though you felt like poop during your run, you still finished it! YAY! You didn't give up, you kept going! You dug deep and pushed yourself. So, you had to walk. I often have to do the same sometimes. And yea, I feel down about it, but once I finish I give myself a pat on the back because I still finished X number of miles. You're awesome and don't forget that!!

  6. I've never tried counting steps during a run before. That sounds like such a great strategy to help you get through the miles!

    I think you're doing great! You're going to do awesome at your race!