Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter 2 page 411 - The expo. . . runner's dreamland

The Chicago RnR Half expo was HUGE - seriously huge!!!  It was filled with so many samples, products, games, demonstrations, promotional material and items, and vendors that are all over the blogosphere.  It was a LOT of fun - so much so, we spent about 4 hours there!!!  Woo - that's a marathon shopping spree if ever I've had one!!!!

Here are some highlights:

This is Rachel from Bondi Band and she is a lifesaver!!!  I had emailed Rebecca from Bondi Band and asked her a day or so before the expo if there was any way they might have a tiara bondi band amongst their expo stock and if so, would there be any way to hold it back as I would be there Friday afternoon and that would totally make my costume.  When I arrived at the booth - I introduced myself and BAM, Rachel had pulled out 5 bands she had saved out for me.  I was thrilled and ended up with the perfect black and pink one that I wore on race day.  I emailed Bondi Band a costume photo and expressed my gratitude for all of their help!!!!   Not familiar with Bondi Band?  Check them out HERE.  Thanks Bondi Band!!!!!

Awesome Yurbuds folks - I LOVE Yurbuds and told them so - they posed for a cute photo!!!  Not familiar with Yurbuds, click HERE to learn about the incredible headphones that DO.NOT.FALL.OUT!!!!

The lovely folks from CA promoting the Big Sur Half Marathon!  "C", MOA, and I are headed there in November so we got some inside info and enjoyed learning more about the race and community.  Looking forward to our trip!!!


  1. So glad the bondi band people were so awesome. It makes me feel good to know I am supporting a company with awesome customer service!

    This expo looks like so much fun - I hope the one in St Louis is half as nice!

    The brooks "bus" looks interesting.

    I have read several places about yurbuds, I have been tempted to order some to give them a shot! la

  2. Great job Lisa I'm proud of you!

  3. I am loving all of your Chicago Posts!!

    Congrats on the race, & I LOVE your outfit!!

    Im doing 4 half in 51 days in 4 states, but am playing with 9 halfs in 9 states in 1 year. I need 2 more for my list. Whats on yours?

  4. The expos are one of the biggest reasons I want to run a rock & roll race! How nice of the Bondi Band folks--I love hearing how great they were!

  5. @ Jenn - I would hold off on ordering yurbuds at this point and get them at the St. Louis expo. They have different colors at the expo and they can size you right then and there.

    @ Stephanie - I'm doing the Fort 4 Fitness Half in September (cheap, easy, flat, nice, maybe 4,000 participants); we're also doing the St. Louis half in October; and we'll end the streak with Big Sur Half in November - expensive, but beautiful. "C" was talking about the Long Island Diva something in October, but not this year for us. What about the Vegas Night run in December -that looks fun! Good luck!

  6. I really like Bondi Bands. I've been using Sweaty Bands a lot during the summertime, but wintertime is reserved more for the Bondis.

    I'm looking forward to the race expo for RNR Savannah. I'm my Mark and I will spend a long time there. :)