Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chapter 2 page 416 - TR 155 WOW!

Our training schedule for the week calls for a 3, 4, 5, and 12 (or 13 miler).  As you know, I ran 8.38 on Sunday and ran a half marathon a mere 9 days ago.  I'm NOT like some of you awesome athletes out there - I'm just NOT . . . and that's okay.  Tonight, "C" and I decided that we had the most time and the coolest temperature of the week (think the forecast changed thanks to the hurricane stalling our "front" but . .  ) so we opted to do a long run.  Final distance:  12.05 miles (3:11 - NOT shabby given the first 5.3 miles were trail)

Here's how it went down:
We ran a 5.35 mile trail to start with and did it 10 minutes faster than I have ever done it (does that seem as incredible to you all as it does to me?)! We did a 10 minute walking warm up before we used 2:2 and only walked through 1 interval when I stubbed my toe on a root. This felt REALLY easy!!!!!

After a quick water and fuel stop, we then headed to the paved paths for another 6.65 miles. We walked 1.25 miles then did 2:2 for 1.13 miles then walked .5 miles then did 2:2 for 1.5 miles then walked for 1.13 then did 2:2 for 1 mile and ended with a cool down walk. The first 3 miles on the road felt alright - the last part felt incredibly impossible!

I'm incredibly thankful for a few things:
1.  My training partner who gets me and accepts me for all my running issues.  I had a GREAT time catching up with her - it's been several days since we chatted and so much happens that needs discussion.
2.  My husband - he had prepared dinner and had it hot and ready to eat when I finally got home at almost 9:00 p.m.   It wasn't fancy, but it was delicious - and hot - and ready!  He's a keeper for sure!
3.  Compression sleeves - wow, these are saving my life - I LOVE them!
4.  The stick - after a shower, then a rub down with the stick - ahhhh, it hardly feels like I ran over 10 miles (HA!)
5.  Ice pack - my knee is hurting a bit (no idea why - but I suspect maybe a wee bit too much mileage in too short of a time - need to be careful and rest it with shorter and slower runs the rest of the week . . .next week is a cut back week - WOOT!)

What are the things you're thankful for after a long run?
P.S. I wrote a guest post for Running to Health about dealing with running injuries - it will post on Wednesday 8/24- PLEASE (pretty please) check it out!!!!


  1. it seems like today was a great running day for most of us! Congrats on an awesome run!!
    Can't wait to read your guest post!

  2. Holy mileage in just a few short days, Batman. I am so impressed tha you did 20 miles between two runs just nine days after setting a PR in the half. Take care of yourself and that toe!

  3. Just read your guest post - Well done!! And love a hubby that has the dinner ready ... mine is pretty good like that too.

  4. You need to stop freaking out about your halves! Who does this? Running 12-ish miles, just because.

    Girl you have nothing to worry about. The hay is in the barn!! LOL

  5. You are awesome. Seriously, 12 miles that soon after a half? I wish my hubby would have dinner ready for me - he doesn't ever really cook. If I am lucky, once in a blue moon, he has put a cold drink in the fridge for me!

  6. Amazing run! And cutting 10 minutes off that 5 mile trail time is IMPRESSIVE...congrats!

  7. Oh, and after a long run I am always thankful to be DONE! haha I am also thankful that most of the time when I come home hubby is helpful with the kids and lets me ice my knee!

  8. Way to go on your run, girl! You rocked it!