Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chapter 2 page 418 - great article worth reading

Ever had a bad run?  Ever feared when multiple bad runs seem to plaque a part of your training cycle?  Yeah, me too!  I've had way more bad runs than good runs, but I just seem to plug away and listen to all of your comments that basically say "they can't all suck!"  And you're right, they don't all suck!  Those good runs, as you know first hand, make it all worth it!  On my blog roll I have several blogs from Runner's World listed.  I find them periodically interesting.  HERE is a great article about 3 reasons to find value even in a bad run.  Happy reading!
Do you have more bad runs than good?  How do you put a bad run in your rear view mirror?


  1. I agree and think that was a great post.

  2. Usually in the summertime, I have more bad runs due to the weather. I just keep telling myself that these hot runs will give me fast race times when autumn rolls in.

  3. I really liked that article. Let's face it, not every run can be great, but it's nice to know there are benefits from the mediocre (or just plain terrible) runs as well. Thanks for the PF advice as well. I don't have a stick, but I think I could try to replicate it with something similar. Thanks for the advice!