Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 2 page 408 - Gettin' motivated to Rock Chicago

As you may remember, I had laid out a multi-level plan to be successful during the Chicago RnR half this past Sunday.  As I described the plan last week, I'm sure it sounded over-the-top and full of non-racing hoopla; however, the plan worked perfectly for me.  Here are some photos of "what it took" to help me succeed:

1st - having a crazy training partner is always helpful.  "C" wasn't able to do this race with me so she did the next best thing - she cut a photo of herself out and glued it to a Dilly Bar stick!!!!!
She's nuts isn't she?

Here are "C" and I in line for the porta john then we're "heading" (ha!) to the starting line!!!
2nd - it's all about the accessories.  You know how I like matching my nails to my outfit - I doubled up for this race to paint them pink and overcoated it with sparkle paint.  SWEET!  

3rd - wear a costume that will spark conversation and bring smiles . . . and embraces my love of pink . . . princess - SCORE!  A tutu - check; A crazy tulle pony tail holder - check; a tiara - check (this is a great story - check out my expo post later this week to hear how Rachel & Rebecka from Bondi Band saved the day); pink, pink, and more pink - check! (shirt, compression sleeves, shoes).  I wasn't able to work out the princess sash ribbon (boo!) - the bib was just too big!

4th - lifesavers . . . candy that is.  "C" hooked me up with a variety pack of lifesavers to eat at each mile.  Turned out the package included 13 different flavors.  How fab - one per mile!!! I had one of each flavor packed ready to go except I struggled to open the wrapper so I only ate 2 - but they were hugely helpful when I ate them at mile 10 & 11.  

5th - write motivational sayings on my arm so I can read them over and over until either I cross the finish line or start to believe them!  MOA (you'll learn more about her soon I promise) was soooo kind to do a little skin graffiti on me!

That is the saying from "I'm A Sleeper Baker"  - LOVE it. . . Thanks Molly!
The 4 quotes I used were:
A.)  You are capable of more than you realize!  (Molly @ I'm a Sleeper Baker)
B.)  Run hard, be strong, think BIG! (Percy Cerutty)
C.)  All it takes is all you've got! (Marc Davis)
D.)  It only hurts up to a point and then it doesn't get worse! (Steve Prefontaine)

 6th - stay on track with pacing.  This race was really suppose to be a slow, easy training run in prep for my September half (as you know I'm doing 4 halfs, in 4 months, in 4 states - Chicago was the first of them).  I opted to put a 3:10 pacing guide on my arm so if I was a little slower, it would still be alright . . . UMMMM, yeah, I went a little faster instead :)  

7th - Have your training partner send you a tear provoking text while you are setting out your gear minutes before bed that is just too awesome NOT to put on your arm . . . by your watch so you'll look at it hundreds of times during the race!!!!  She used the letters in my name (Lisa) to make a motivational saying "Look I'm Super Amazing!".  Perfect!  Thanks "C" for the last minute pep talk!!!!

8th - have awesome friends, including bloggers, send you cards, emails, texts, and pictures that were so motivating.  I re-read each of them prior to going to be the night before the race.  Each one was special and meaningful.  Thanks girls!!!!   One of my FAVS was a sign from my newest little follower who sent a sign saying "Run like the wind . . . or a gentle breeze"  PRECIOUS!!!!  Thanks to everyone for your support!  Seriously couldn't have done it without you!!!

9th - Call your training partner between miles 7.5-8.25 just to tell her how you're Kicking Chicago's A##!!!!  She was able to give me feedback about my pace (it was getting faster) and to discuss my strategy change for the final 3 miles.  She was a nice distraction and helped that middle section of the race pass quickly.  I honestly can't believe I was able to call her - that's just too crazy . . . even for me.  Thanks girl for answering the phone and talking to me!!!  You're the best!!!


  1. Haha! I can't even imagine the prep you would put into a full mary after seeing this!

    That bib would have swallowed me up whole! LOL.

    On the lifesavers I have had similar issues. My hands get to sweaty I can't even open my GU or whatever I bring along with me.

  2. You are so lucky to have a training partner like "C" - that support would make it sooo much easier to get yourself mentally prepped for a race! I may have to borrow the idea of writing quotes on my hand or arm when I do f4f.

  3. Thanks for these tips and insights. Did the lifesavers keep you going because of the sugar? Did they help with thirst? I'm curios to know more about that choice. I'm trying to find what works best for me on my long runs to stay hydrated and fueled.


  4. You are an Amazing person!