Friday, August 12, 2011

Chapter 2 page 402 - Food Photo Friday

What's Wells L been eating lately????
Good question, see for yourself!!!!

BEST EVA' Buffalo Chicken Tacos as originally presented by Kimberly at Healthystrides HERE:
Finely chopped celery (hand cut) and shredded carrots (store bought).

Homemade blue cheese dip- low fat blue cheese crumbles, water, fat free miracle whip. YUM!  What's a hot wing without blue cheese dressing?  Exactly - like crack (not that I would know, but . . )

Cook up some boneless, skinless chicken breast and then toss in Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce - Ohhh that's just illegally delicious!

These are my FAV tortillas - low cal & high fiber & whole grain. What more can you ask from a tortilla?

These started off (in my head) as side dishes, but ended up going directly into my taco.  Spanish Rice (Uncle Bens 90 second MW bag) & Southwest Corn with Black beans and tomatoes (canned, but I will be making this from scratch when I return from Chi-town!).

Assembled:  20 second nuked tortilla, layer of rice and corn, then chix, drizzle of the blue cheese sauce, topped with carrots and celery.  Oh my goodness!  YES Bloogers, there is a Taco Fairy!  Low fat, High Fiber, Low calorie, High Flavor - not to mention quick, easy, and inexpensive! 
Banana Split Smoothie Bonanza
Start with a container of Pineapple flavor Chobani & a chocolate flavor of Oikos greek yogurt. 

Put into the blender cut up fresh strawberries and pineapple (you could put these in the freezer ahead of time for an hour or so to maximize smoothie frostiness  - I didn't exactly measure how much, but I'd guess like 1/2-1  cup of each

Slice up a banana and stick it in the freezer for about an hour then add it to the blender.

Empty the 2 yogurt containers and add a little drizzle of chocolate ice cream syrup for a more chocolate taste (optional).

Blend until smooth.

Makes a crazy large glass full - it tastes EXACTLY like a banana split - MORE fiber, WAY less fat, and WAY more protein.  Cheers bloggy friends!
What do you think of my Food Photo Friday?  
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Dump it? 


  1. Keep it! Love the food photos, and those taco/wraps look amazing!

  2. Keep it!!! I love the recipes and the photos. I'm a visual person. I like to see each step in photos. I'm going to try these out on my family this weekend. I know they will love the smoothie!

  3. Keep it! I'm going to follow suit and have a food photo day ... can't be Friday too busy...mmm banana split smoothie smoothie YUM

  4. I have never seen chocolate greek yogurt!

    Agree with C -- Keep the photos coming!

  5. Where do you find those tortillas? I would be interested in trying them to compare with the ones I found this weekend!

  6. Keep it! It looks very good and healthy...