Monday, August 8, 2011

Chapter 2 page 399 - TR 148 "C" = C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E!

"C" returned as my running buddy today and NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON.  Just as my confidence has been waning about my upcoming half (as all of you know and have been more than generous with your supportive comments - thanks everyone!!!!), "C" was able to join me on a MUCH NEEDED 4 mile confidence boosting run - and YES, I REMEMBER HOW FUN RUNNING IS!  YES, I REMEMBER I AM CAPABLE OF RUNNING A HALF (not fast, but I can do it!).  I NOW REMEMBER THIS - thanks "C" for being with me every step of the way today!!!!  

Here's how it broke down
1.  complete the full distance WITHOUT walking through a single interval

2.  run at my "old slow" pace that has gotten me through training runs and half marathons which I've struggled with to "find" while running alone with music.

3.  gain some confidence

1.  4 mile run - DONE 4.29 miles + .5 mile cool down walk  . . . did 7 minute warm up walk then 2:2 intervals THE.ENTIRE.TIME. . . ZERO WALKED INTERVALS . . . MORE IMPORTANTLY - ZERO INTERVALS I WANTED TO WALK THROUGH!!!!!!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT????

2.  14:00 m/m give or take 15 seconds either way - nice and easy and comfortable and steady and YES, "I CAN DO THIS" PACE!!!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT (again)?????

3.  Confidence - CHECK!!!!!  I know that my run was only 4.29 miles and it was SLOW (1:04.18) - but not having to stop and walk and more importantly NOT WANTING to stop and walk and even more importantly NOT FEELING AS IF I'M GOING TO DIE if I don't stop and walk was really important in helping me find my mojo (I know, I know - you all were right all along . . . . all along you all thought I could do it - thanks for having the confidence in me that I didn't even have it).  I'm definitely going to be toeing the line with a fresh sense of "I AM SOOOO GOING TO KICK THIS RACE IN THE BUTT!"


  1. I am glad that running with "C" gives you the confidence boost that you need to kick Chicago in the pants! I am sorry if running with me threw you off at all, I know I run faster than your normal pace.

    Either way I am glad that are back on track for Chicago! See you Wednesday!

  2. Great to hear!

    Whoop that 13.1!

  3. YAY!! Glad you found that confidence again! Kick some ass for all 13.1 miles!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you had a confidence-building run! You are a rock star!

  5. Woot, woot!

    Woot, woot!

    Woot, woot!

    You go, girl.

  6. CONFIDENCE. We can do anything with that can't we!
    LOVE IT!
    Have a PRETTY day!