Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 2 page 374 - TR 135 speed-ish work

Another outstanding training session with "L" - MAN I'VE MISSED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I absolutely LOVE that she gets "my speed - slow!"  It's just relaxing and fun.  We sort of ran out of things to talk about since we were together last night and spoke today during work, but . . . we managed to drum up some conversation!!!  Today's plan - 5 miles with some speed work.  Well, "L" isn't my speedy friend, but God love her she was willing to do it with me!!!  That's a friend . . . and a GREAT training partner.

Here's how the "speed-ish" session went:

Start - mile 1.3 = walk ("L" is a power walker just for the record)

mile 1.3- mile 2.6 = 1 minute "full out" using 180 bpm (HUGE bummer, my metronome quit working and "C" has my back up - oh well I have a pretty good sense of what 180 feels like so I used my voice to say "dun dun dun dun" at the cadence . . . annoyed even me, "L" was a great sport - Thanks!!!!  We walked 3 minutes in between.  We ended up going about 1.3 miles and did a total of 4 runs.  On my 3rd run I stopped about 10 seconds early - I could hardly breathe (it was 90 degrees after all).  The last running interval I feel badly about - I should have used this as an opportunity to really push, but 40 seconds into the 60 I stopped - I couldn't breath AND my left quad which has been hurting for almost 2 weeks really felt tight - didn't want to risk further injury or something series like a a tear instead of just the strain (surely that's a justified reason to stop???)

mile 2.6 - mile 3.2 = walked

mile 3.2 - 4.3 = did 2:2 intervals

mile 4.3-5 = walked

All-in-all it was a great "speed" workout for me - I'm not super but I'm improving.  This was my first time during speed intervals.  Previously, I have only run 1/2 mile straight at the 180 strides/minute cadence.  I think today's session was a nice change. The weather today was MUCH cooler than  yesterday (as crazy as that sounds given it was still 90 degrees - with a humidity of 70%).  There was even a nice breeze so much more enjoyable than yesterday's sweatfest!!!

Do you prefer to run in hot weather or cool weather?
Personally, I'm really a bigger fan of fall/winter running - you can always put more clothes on . . . short of running one of those nudist races (Ummm NO!) you just can't take enough clothes off and the copious amounts of sweat . . . (SIGH!).


  1. Jealous of your mileage now! I have to admit :P

    I think I'm like most folks. Prefer anything like 60 to 80 degrees.

  2. Nice speed workout! Have you used a foam roller on your quad yet? That might help get the tightness out. I don't want you to have another injury (besides that pesky PF)!

    I prefer cool weather, but not cold weather. Really hot weather wears me out so quickly.

  3. I vote definitely use a foam roller, like Richelle suggested (if you haven't already)
    And I much prefer cool weather for running. Except when it's winter and I'm cold I'll probably start complaining again too, haha!

  4. When is your normal training partner back? I had a good time and was glad to see I could almost keep up with you. YOur stride pace and overall fitness has well improved.
    See you tomorrow.