Monday, July 11, 2011

Chapter 2 page 373 - TR 134 4 mile walk

Nothing fancy about today's training- just 4.46 mile walk with my original training partner "L".  "L" joined us for a 1 mile walk about a month ago and prior to that it had probably been December since she has joined us.  I can't tell you how great it was just to walk and talk AND SWEAT (92.8 degrees, dew point 81, humidity 89%) with her.  We walked really fast for most of the time, but slowed down considerably for the warm up and cool down.  I had felt ill (sinus headache and draining leading to a nausea) all day - to the point I nearly went home sick at lunch time.  I really thought the easier path to choose would be home, shower and bed . . . .but I had an internal debate with myself (left shoulder= devil; right shoulder = angel) that went something like this:
Devil:  I'm sick!  I don't feel well enough to run
Angel:  Am I sick, like really sick, and really shouldn't run, or should I run so that I can feel better?
Devil:  Nope!  Shower, pj's and bed sound pretty great!
Angel to "L:  What will today's training look like?  Like could we do 2:2 for just 2 miles and see how I feel?
"L":  Sure
Devil:  Nope, I think it's too hot and I just don't feel well - I'm going home
Angel:  2 miles - would it be alright if we walk the whole thing, I really don't feel well? (take that devil - we're going to walk 2 miles so there!)
"L":  Sure
Angel  @ the 1.13 mile mark:  Well, do you want go into the park a little maybe just 1/2 mile?"
"L":  Sure
Angel @ 2 mile mark:  Well, how much time do you have?  Do you think we could walk up to the next turn around and head back?
"L":  Sure
Angel @ the end of 4.46 miles:  Thanks "L" - that was GREAT!!!  I'm so glad we did it!!!!

In the end, I was still feeling kind of poorly, but I'm glad that I went for the walk.  I don't think the walk made me feel worse and the benefits I got from it were very much worth it!!!!  Glad it wasn't a run (especially in the heat/humidity) - but a fast walk counts toward overall weekly mileage so . . . 4 down & 18 to go!!!

Do you ever have to "argue" with yourself in order to get out the door for a training session?


  1. Hee hee... I love the angel/devil conversation! I have those arguments too sometimes. More often than not, the angel wins out! :)

    I hope you're feeling 100% tomorrow!

  2. I have to argue with myself a lot. I want to be faster and stronger, so I get really frustrated that I'm not there yet.

  3. I have been having these arguments alot lately, mostly because I am frustrated that no matter how much I am running, 3 miles still doesn't feel any easier. It's frustrating to feel like you aren't improving!