Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chapter 2 page 381 - 400th post by the numbers

Back on April 13th, I celebrated my 300th post . . . well, thanks for continuing with me on my journey for another 100 posts!  In celebration of post #400, I thought the ol' blog deserved a new look so I hope you enjoy the summer colors. 

My blog . . . by the numbers
# posts = 401

# months to reach 300 =19 months (first post on 12/29/09; 100th post on 7/14/10; 200th post on 12/8/10; 300th post on 4/13/11; 400th post on 7/20/11)

# followers =  31 (I only had 15 back on my 300th post- welcome new followers!) - Love you ladies - thank you SO MUCH for following me on my journey!

# comments= 928 (I'm thankful for EACH and EVERY comment - thank you, everyone!!!!)

# bloggers I've met in real life= 8 (Rustbeltrunner, Healthystrides, WeighingIn, FlyingKites, Mommaof3ontherun, SwimbikeruntrainwithLisa, DayinthelifeofApril, RunningForMyLife) - soon to meet Bethany from When 2 Worlds Collide

# background changes = 4 (can't remember the first one, books, pinkie, and now pink/green/grey)

# blogs I read daily = 32 (I read EVERY blog on my blogroll whenever they're updated-I really miss some of you like "Finding the Courage" & "Pretend this is Real" & "Momma of 3 on the Run")

# Stylish Blog awards awarded = 3 (Thanks everyone who has nominated me)


  1. WOW! I Love the bold, bright summer colors. Especially the green! Your new layout matches your upbeat and outgoing personality. Love it!

  2. Love the new layout! I agree with "C", it matches your personality! :) Congrats on 400 posts! I hope I can make it that long!

  3. You will soon have 32 followers. I had to rework my Google Account after switching to WP.

    Now I need to refollow...

    The colors here are blowing up the page! LOL!

    Congrats on 400!

  4. LOVE this post - happy 400th! Great new look too!

    See ya around the neighborhood ;)

  5. I get bored with my background and layout and want to change it, but then I wonder if it annoys people or if it's a kind of branding that I don't want to change too often. Hmmmm....

  6. Love the new you! Congrats on reaching 400 posts!