Monday, January 2, 2012

Chapter 2 page 511–TR 184 It ain’t July!

We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter thus far – with temps for my last 2 runs being in the 40’s.  Today, that was NOT the case.  It’s like Mother Nature finally got the memo that, in fact, it’s January!  Here’s what weather underground said as I headed out the door . . . Brrrrrr!

1.2.12 weather before run

I actually don’t mind running in the cold (I suppose I draw the line at -10 windchill).  Fierce winds,though, now that’s a different story.  I LOVE running while it’s snowing (so pretty and such a distraction).  So what’s a girl put on to go out for a 3 miler in these conditions?

prerace work logo blocked photo

Bondi band pony tail hat (although I LOVE bondi bands, not a fan of this hat); sunglasses to block the wind (mental note – skip these in the future they fog up once the scarf is pulled up); LS tech shirt, quarter zip tech shirt, fleece, scarf & gloves, tights, and pants. 


Although I felt like the Pillsbury Dough Boy Girl, I was excited to face Mother Nature and show her who was boss . . . ME!

Because it was very slippery, I opted to slap on some Yak Tracks – AWESOME CHOICE.  I have owned these for 2 years but never felt the need to wear them. EVERYONE should have a pair and use them often.  It was extremely icy in many spots, but I didn’t even slide a little AND I had some of my faster intervals in quite some time!


I thought I would also snap some photos since it was so beautiful out . . .


That last photo was taken at my turn around point and I thought I felt icy eyelashes so I snapped a picture of myself just to see . .  . YEP, I did!


The path I ran today has the .5 miles marked so I opted to try to walk .5 miles then run .5 miles and repeat for 3 miles.  I ended up finishing in 44:27 – details below.  My half mile run intervals were pretty impressive (for me that is, and especially given my attire and the conditions)

0-.5 walk warm up

.5-1.0 run (12:00 m/m pace)

1.0-1.5 walk

1.5-2.0 run (11:00 m/m pace)

2.0-2.5 walk

2.5-3.0 run (11:30 m/m pace)

3.0-3.25 walk cool down (ha cool down – it was only 6* ha ha ha)

Breathing was a little challenging, but other than that I’m excited I got a 3 miler in today.

hide wk logo post run photo

After a nice shower, I enjoyed a sliced pear and a cup of homemade hot chocolate (thanks, Mom for making the mix – YUM!).


So now a very pressing (and timely) question . . . my running mentor says that it makes a runner super hard core to run in blustery winter conditions.  I completely disagree.  I think a runner is WAY more hard core if he/she is out running in 100 degrees with a heat index of 110 or more. 

What environmental conditions do you think makes a runner most hard core?


  1. I definitely think it's harder to run MENTALLY in cold weather, but it's tough on my body to run in 100 degrees and high humidity! Great job getting out there despite the cold!

  2. It was SUPER cold this morning, I braved it too! But, I think you were dressed much more appropriately.. I froze in only one layer of pants and shirt with my fleece vest.

    I think that running in either extremes makes a runner hard core. There are different challenges for each but I bet they are equally as hard.

  3. I think running in any extreme condition is hard. I hate it when it's so cold I can't feel my feet (btw those yak tracks are cool!). I hate cold rain. There was a cold rain falling in my last marathon and I was soaked down to my skin. The heat slows you down and it's so hard to monitor hydration. You looked like you were dressed for the occasion and not letting anything stop you! Way to start off the New Year!

  4. I'm with you! I'll take winter running ANY day over heat/humidity...

  5. That's crazy cold weather - our summer just started too. Today is 35 degrees (95% f). Love that you had icicle eyelashes.

  6. You are a hardcore bada$$. What a great post.

    So, I love my ponyhat! Sorry you don't care for it, but I've never worn it in 22 degrees.

    Walker yaktrax? These would have saved me on my slippery, just freezing weather run last week. Hmmm....

    Oh, and your enthusiasm about my cross training challenge made my day. Can't wait to read your CT posts this year.

  7. Can't find your email anywhere--so another comment it is:)

    I love that you shared "my" CT idea. Share, share, share, borrow, steal, create your own group, whatever. I'm like you, I like the accountability (even if it is just telling some blogger you've never met that you are "in") and the social side of all this.

    You, my friend, are wonderful. You make me smile. Can't wait to read your posts and get even more inspired.

    PS-I actually made a trainer appointment at the gym today. The girl at the counter was really nice, who knew?

  8. Thanks for your feedback on the Yak Tracks. After tonight's run I think I may need to get a pair of these.

  9. Brrr, that makes me cold reading your post. I'm glad to hear the yax trax worked... I may need to look into those.