Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chapter 2 page 514–new “training” plan

You may remember that 3 of my 2012 goals are to A.) loose weight, B.) run faster, and C.) return my attention to things I’ve abandoned (includes cross training).  Well, today I’m launching my new “training” plan for at least the next 30 days (February 6th)

Mondays – longest run (this will likely be a 4, 5, or 6 miler)

TuesdaysBody Pump (as often as I can make this Tuesday class; I occasionally work on Tuesday evenings and the gym is 40 minutes from my house so winter weather may impact my ability to drive)

Wednesdays – short and faster run (winter conditions will impact my ability to do speed work, but I’ll do the best I can)

Thursdays – long interval runs (this will be the run I use to try to run longer and walk less – I hope to run a full 5K by this summer); also I will do a few reps of some boot camp exercises

Fridays – rest & hopefully date night with my husband

SaturdaysBody Pump class with my BBF (bestest bloggy friend, Kimberly)

Sundays – rest or maybe an easy run

As Kristin at Bigger Girls Can Run Too said earlier this week, this is my ideal training plan – I’ll do my best to make it happen!

What does the rest of your January training look like?


  1. This looks like a really great plan! Also I love the color coding :)
    I personally do much better with a structured plan (similar to yours) instead of vague goals like: workout 1 hour at the gym. However, I haven't really made a plan as of late-your post has got me thinking maybe I should!
    Best wishes on sticking to all your goals! YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. What a great plan! You go girl!

    I finished the N2U CT tab on my blog. I put your name in a special place with mine, well, because we're special.

    Off to run 14 with my cranky husband. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Your plan looks GREAT! I am enjoying a planless January - it's feeling nice to run when I want to and to feel no pressure about it. This fabulous weather is helping too :)

  4. Hey...a plan is a start! Are you doing weight watchers or what plan?

  5. Can't find your email. Send it to me!

  6. Returning to work. "L"

  7. Love your plan, its so well set up! :) I am sort of "winging" it this month.. I have done a couple runs plus other cross training stuff, but no schedule. Trying to heal my "aches and pains" for a successful running season this year! :)

  8. If you ever have a free day and want to run let me know.

  9. Looks good Wells! :) I'm trying to do more cross training as well! :) Good luck with all the training 2012 brings you! :) *hugs*

  10. Great plan! You can work it out and make it work!