Monday, January 16, 2012

Chapter 2 page 522–weekly recap

Here’s a first for me –  a weekly recap (can you believe I’ve never posted one?) . . . mostly I figure you’ve already read about it or you truly don’t care.  So . . .in either case, I’m sorry for boring you with this post – go ahead and skip it, you won’t hurt my feelings!

Week of January 8, 2012

Sunday – Started using and FAILED staying within my calorie allotment BIG time (boo – I’m going to blame being new to such accountability)

MondayROCKED my daily calorie allotment; ran 6.5 miles

Tuesday – Another good day of staying within my caloric requirements; wasn’t able to run due to work

Wednesday – Went BERSERK and nearly doubled my caloric allotment for the day (sigh!); wasn’t able to run due to work

Thursday – Back on track and under my daily caloric requirements (thank goodness); wasn’t able to run due to work

Friday – Still on track and under my daily caloric requirements; did a 45 minute kickboxing dvd at home; went on a date with my hubby

Saturday – 600 calories OVER my allotment (sigh – when does this get easier????); doubled up by doing 2 group fitness classes:  body pump & zumba

Sunday – only 8 calories over my allotment; watched tons of football and had bicep DOMS from Saturday’s double classes

How was your week:  thumbs up or thumbs down?


  1. I need to start back up on weight watchers and tracking points. Good luck with your calorie counting!

  2. My week was a thumbs up :) Yours sound pretty good too. The more you track the easier it will be.

  3. Well done on tracking your calories ... that is half the battle! 2 group classes would have burnt 1000 calories so you would have been 400 under your allotment and Saturday!

  4. I do horrible with the calorie thing too!! It is really hard. But you're doing a great job! Stick with it lady bug :D