Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chapter 2 page 512–Greatest.Idea.Ever!

I’m not much into cross training – I mean I know I should and I know the benefits, but I live in a SMALL town with 2 gyms that offer only the basics and I’m NOT interested in workout DVDs or other at-home workouts – just makes options pretty limited.  Having said all of this, 2012 is my year to do more physical activity (to help with my weight loss and running faster goals).  And guess what I saw in the blogosphere today . . . . THE MOST INCREDIBLE

Cross Training Challenge

I’m beyond excited about this idea that I’ve contacted several folks “in our running community” about ways to make this challenge a monthly club activity (FUN, right, I know!!!).   Did you click on the “Cross Training Challenge” above to find out more?  Go, click, I’ll wait!

This “New To You” Cross Training Challenge is the brain child of 23 Imaginary Friends.  How genius!  Seriously- I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited about something on a blog before.  I’m ALL IN for this one. 

Still didn’t check it out – click HERE.  Head over there and sign up for the challenge – how much fun will we all have doing this challenge together?  I’m beyond excited!

After seeing the post, I immediately emailed several real life and bloggy friends to share the link and see if they were game . . . .guess what?  They said YES and instantly came up with FUN ideas!!!! 

Why is this awesome?  Well, as I said I live in a SMALL town with very little access to fitness amenities.  This challenge will be a fun way to be innovative and creative and keeping me accountable for at least 12 cross training sessions a year (ha, I promise to do more than that).  The other AWESOME thing – it’s not a month commitment, it’s a one time a month commitment.  I can do anything once :)  Can’t you?

Click HERE to see some of the ideas challenge creator listed.  Here are some things that (with the help of my local bloggy bestie) we’re thinking about:

-ice skating (not brand new, but I last did it in 1991 – that counts as new – I’m sure my muscles won’t remember it – ha)

-snow shoeing (never done it – must have snow though)

-climibing a fire tower (again not brand new, but other than 1 climb 5 years ago, it’s been like 25 years since I did that)

-canoeing (not brand new, but it’s been probably 20 years since I last paddled)

-paddle boating (I may have done this once when I was 6 down in what is that Dollywood so I’m going with new)

-Body Pump (again, not new, but it’s been 11 years since I did it so . . . . I’m not sure if it counts – will have to check, but we’re still doing it)

- Tobogganing (Can you believe I’ve never done this?  Again, though, we need snow)

-Yoga (yes, I know you all can’t believe that I have never actually taken a straight up yoga class, shocker, I know – can we all still be friends?)

- Roller Skating/Blading (I haven’t done either of those activities since 1989 so I’m thinking it will count)

-Spinning (pretty sure this won’t be fun, but I’ve never taken a full class – just a 10 minute intro session THAT.I.HATED!)

What would you do as a New To You Cross Training activity?


  1. Haha! You have such great ideas. You kicked my ideas in the rear!

    I think not having done something in 10 years counts as "new". Definitely new.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up. I haven't done that in 10 years.

  2. I couldn't find a link to your email so I'm writing you here-thanks for the link to that blog post!! I can relate in many ways!

  3. hmmm we can't be friends if you don't think Spinning will be fun! Spinning is AWESOME!

  4. Great ideas! I am looking into getting a pair of roller blades. And thanks again for the warm welcome back!

  5. Yay! So on board for this. You have some great ideas too. I really want to do stand up paddleboarding, I've always wanted to try it!

  6. OK I've signed up too ... but I'm thinking you should try Roller derby - You could go to a fresh meat day!

  7. This sounds like a fun challenge, it would definitely take me outside of my comfort zone!!

  8. Hi! I am new to your blog...and linked over from your comments on this challenge :) I love your BLOG!!

  9. I love snow shoeing! It really is a great workout too.