Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 2 page 529 - Weekly recap

Week of January 22, 2012

Sunday – If I told you that I was 703 calories below my daily allotment (which is based on the goal of losing 1 pound per week) – would you give me a high 5?  Hands up – I kicked calorie counting booty – BOOYAH!

Monday – What can I say – I pretty much missed the mark with this – I went over my daily allotment by 327 calories (sigh) – it’s a journey and although I am not perfect, I certainly am healthifying my diet and being more mindful.  I’m doing better and know that I have a LONG way to go. 

Tuesday – Oh yes, yes I did a 2 for Tuesday doubling up workout – body pump and zumba (though, a much lower energy class than I attend on Saturdays –kind of felt almost like a waste of time but I know any movement is better than none so . . . ); was 500 calories below my daily allotment – Boom goes the dynamite!

Wednesday – On this day, I am not feeling very sore after having done my 2 for Tuesday yesterday (kind of shocking since following Saturday’s classes I’m sore for 4 days) also, I was 12 calories under my daily allotment (how’s that for toeing the line?? Ha!)

Thursday – I went out to eat with my friends and our dinner which included a martini (a-maz-ing!) put me way over my daily caloric allotment for the day.

Friday – I ate leftovers from the previous night’s dinner out and . . . .went over my daily caloric allotment (sigh). 

Saturday –  Double up day at the gym – an hour of body pump, 45 minutes of a higher than average Zumba class, that combined with an uber healthy lunch (less than nutritious dinner) and add in a full  day of shopping with your mom and you have a fantastic day . . . one that was at least 274 calories under budget (finally)

Sunday – I would prefer to skip discussing this, but this weekly recap is about confronting the truth – I was 500 calories over, don’t ask –it wasn’t pretty.

And because of my less than diligent adherence to my daily calories, today I weigh the same as I did 2 weeks ago – back on track – this next week.

How was your week:  thumbs up or thumbs down?


  1. You will have your ups and downs, don't let it get you down. You are doing amazing things and making changes that you can stick to. It was great to see you on Sunday and I think you are looking FAN-TASTIC!

    My week was a mixed bag: I didn't get many miles in until Sunday and I was a "single mom" all week. But, I got some great time in with my kiddos. Not to mention, my fabulous friends on Sunday! :)

  2. You are doing great - your good days and bad days are outweighing each other - so all good!