Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter 2 page 526–2 For Tuesday

After a crazy busy week of work last week resulting in my inactive patheticness, I was able to leave work at a decent time and attend not one, but TWO group fitness classes.  Booyah baby!  It was my normal Saturday “doubling up” except it is Tuesday!  It felt MUCH harder tonight – why?  Maybe because I worked all day?  Maybe because I didn’t have my partner in torture, Kimbelry, with me?  Maybe because I increased the barbell weight for the back and squat tracks?  Maybe because I wasn’t really into it?  No matter what the reason – I went.  I did it.  I burned the calories.  AND.GUESS.WHAT?  I was 500 calories under my daily allotment – BAM! 

A quick post double workout self-photo . . . that Bondi Band says “Sweat is my fat crying” – tongue out and thumbs down (outside of the photo – poor self-portrait I know) to demonstrate my being completely pooped!100_2517

Do you ever double up on group fitness classes or cardio equipment?


  1. I love that Bondi Band : ) The only time I doubled up on workouts, was when I was triathlon training, otherwise, not a fan! Great job!!!!

  2. Truly such an attractive photo!!! I love a double up, if I have the time - you are doing so well. xxx