Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter 2 page 525–Weekly Recap

Week of January 16, 2012

Sunday – went over my daily caloric allotment by 28 calories – not perfect, but not too bad; rested and watched football playoffs (I love me some football)

Monday – went over my daily caloric intake by 63 calories – definitely heading in the wrong direction.  I need to tighten it up!; didn’t get to run because I got sucked into a very time consuming project – this project lasted the rest of the week

Tuesday – I’m glad I’m doing this recap because I really thought I did pretty good last week on my calories, but it appears that I was 44 calories over my allotment on Tuesday (man, I have to get this eating under control!); I had planned to go to Body Pump, but the winter weather arrived and it was unsafe – so I stayed to work on the big project

Wednesday – Finally, I was within my allotment – actually I consumed 315 less calories than I was given for the day – BONUS!  No exercise because of work . . .I had anticipated being off work at 2, but ended up having to come back after my asthma appointment and working until after 8 (sigh).

Thursday – Boo I was 35 calories over my allotment; no exercise (I’m seeing a bad trend)

Friday – Went on a date with my hubby (per my 2012 goals) – I completely overate at the Chinese buffet, but enjoyed almost every bite

Saturday –  doubled up again this week by doing 2 group fitness classes:  Body Pump & Zumba (burning nearly 1,100 calories but tragically because of a party involving margaritas, I went way over my daily allotment (I did bring healthy foods to this party and was very focused on eating well, but the margarita was a LOT more calories than I had planned on consuming). 

Sunday – Stayed 700 calories below my daily calorie allotment because both Friday and Saturday I blew it (sigh!); rested, but should have gone for a run!!!!!! 

How was your week:  thumbs up or thumbs down?


  1. Girl... you rock! :)
    Even tho you may have gone over your allotment, I think you are doing really well with all your goals... Remember it's a bigger picture too and so one day, or one week, or even one "bad" month isn't going to completely derail your goal progress!! :) THUMBS UP GIRL!!! :)
    I'm trying to stay ahead on my school work so that I can finally do a zumba group workout on Thursday!! *fingers crossed* :) I hope you have a great week!!! *hugs!*

    1. Thanks Zaneta - you're so right! I've only been tracking calories for 2 weeks . . . it's a process! Thanks girl!!! Get your homework done and get to that Zumba class - you'!!!!

  2. Are you at a comfortable calorie allotment? No formula is perfect.

  3. I agree with Zaneta--a handful of calories over in a day is really nothing. Even the closest calorie counters are a little bit off anyway! Overall - I guess my week was a thumbs up!

  4. My week was definitely thumbs up :) I would worry too much about going over by less than 100 calories a couple days a week.

  5. Last week was a thumbs down for me....but the snow and cabin fever got to me. This week is going to be better! :)

  6. I also agree with Zaneta and Vanessa. Especially since I went over my calories by, oh, 300 yesterday. Yeah. No wonder I can't shake the last 5 pounds. (You can hit me, by the way.) I think you are doing awesome and the exercise will get there. I'm sure of it!