Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chapter 2 page 530–2 for Tuesday X3

As you all are beyond aware (and I’m sure, certainly board hearing about it twice a week) I take a Body Pump class and a Zumba class at the Big City gym every Saturday and as often on Tuesday nghts as I can get there.  Today – well, it’s Tuesday and . . . I got there . . . for a double shot of group fitness.  BUT today was unlike the other times – why you ask?  Because “C” and Kimberly were there too – F.U.N!  Such a fun occasion and yet such a bad blogger – no photos . . . so please just visualize for yourself (insert mental picture here).

Tonight was also a benchmark, so to speak – I bumped up my weights for the back track and the biceps . . .oh man, oh man, oh man – no doubt I’ll be regretting the increase tomorrow.  For the first time this month, I broke out the big plates (maybe they are 10 kg or 15 kg each) – oh yeah baby!  Because I’ve increased my weights for biceps, triceps, squats, chest, and back I know I’m getting stronger.  I still SUCK at lunges and fear they will never get easier.  I was able to do more reps tonight than ever before so that’s at least a small glimmer or improvement. 

The trio will be back together for another double up Saturday session – photos will definitely be taken – stay tuned!

Do you lift weights?  If so, do you increase the reps or the weight?  And, how often do you bump things up?


  1. Nice job on the weight increase!!! I used to lift weights, but now I do a lot of body weight exercises during TRX & bootcamp.

  2. You were insane lifting those heavy weights on the back track. My wimpy self is sore from lifting, like, half. I was so glad I got to join you last night.

  3. I am so bad at lifting weights. Did P90X for a while, but there DVDs are so long it was hard to fit it in. I don't bump up as often as I probably should.