Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chapter 2 page 523–Can I just tell you?

I really had another post I wanted to do tonight, but I’m going to keep that for another day.  I just wanted to share some good news and some amazing news with you albeit it less than official (NO, NOT pregnant!  NO!). 

First the good news . . .

One of my 2012 goals was to return my attention to things I have been neglecting because of the time it takes to run (remember I’m super slow so for me to run a 12 miler including driving there and stretching takes nearly 4 hours).  Today . . . I did something that I’ve been meaning to deal with but not had the time (and been a little fearful) – I went to the asthma doctor.  I have been diagnosed with asthma but not had real testing or an organized treatment plan.  My only goal today was to be officially evaluated and discuss treatment options.  The good news is that I do have asthma but that it’s not getting worse and that it’s not that bad.  The better news is that after a little negotiating the doctor actually said that my idea was a good one (ha!) and we’re going to start with a pre-workout inhaler.  If it works great, if not, then we’ll add a daily medicine.  She wanted to do both meds at the same time – umm, no, let’s try it my way – she agreed – woo!  Stay tuned . . .

Now for the amazing news (albeit unofficial) . . .

What’s the first thing they do when you go to a new doctor?  Yes, weigh you in . . .. Oh I was dreading it – I was wearing a cordinory jacket, a big scarf, my dress loafers and it was 3:30 p.m. (after all day of eating and drink – I had 64 oz of diet soda between breakfast and lunch – don’t judge some days are just like that . .. good for you if you don’t need a crutch every now and then).  Back to the scale.  I was scared . . . oh no, AMAZING  . . .I lost 2.2 pounds.  I’m thrilled BUT I also take it with a grain of salt:  no 2 scales are the same, I typically weigh in first thing in the morning without shoes or extra clothes – yes clothes, but no extras like my jacket or scarf, and the doc’s scale wasn’t digital.  Despite all the possible errors, it sure did make me feel awesome to be 2.2 pounds less on her scale.  I typically try to weigh in on Monday or Tuesday mornings so . . . .fingers crossed hat when I officially weigh in – I’ll be able to officially report great news!!!!

Have you gotten any good news lately (big or small)? 


  1. ...I need a crutch more than every now and then!

    Good for you to get to the doctor and get the asthma thing checked out. One step at a time, I like it!

  2. So glad that you went to the doctor about the asthma thing. I am sure it will be really helpful for you to get that totally under control.

    And, I definitely think you will have some good news on the weight front. From what I can tell you are really working hard at it, I am proud of you. And remember, even if the scale doesn't move, you are improving your health (I am still working on taking my own advice here!)

    And, I definitely agree that some days we need a crutch, diet soda is one of my crutches too, so I definitely understand where you are coming from.

  3. YAY! You go girl!! :)
    It's great to hear that you're sticking with your goals and doing things that you had neglected... especially when it comes to your health! :)
    The losing weight thing... TOTALLY ROCKS!! You are amazing and will definitely hit your goals because that's who you are!! Plus you've got everyone routing for you! :)

  4. Good news about the weigh-in! Hubby has asthma and takes a puff pre-run and is usually fine. On longer runs he might need a puff mid-way too, but no need for medicine. Hopefully what works out for you!

  5. I am so proud of you going to the asthma doctor! I remember you mentioning it during our Fox Island run. I know getting it under control will help you reach your 2012 goals, which it seems are going well. You are doing so awesome!

  6. Wooo hoo - all your hard work s paying off!! Everyone has a vice!!

  7. I have asthma too! But I'm happy to say that I've successfully run many a distance events with little trouble. Having an inhaler and a firm diagnosis helped!