Monday, January 16, 2012

Chapter 2 page 521–Doubling up

Saturday mornings have become a weekly “girl date” with my bloggy bestie Kimberly.  We attend a Body Pump class at the same Big City gym where we went to the December Boot Camp class.  It’s a LOT of fun and doing it with someone keeps us both accountable. 

Saturday was our 2nd class – it was more challenging.  Maybe it was because we knew what torture was still coming, or maybe because we bumped up our weights because we knew what to expect . . . either way, it was harder.  Last week, my quads and forearms were super sore for days.  This week, my traps and biceps are killing me.  Crazy.  Guess I can’t wait to see what hurts next week – ha!

I called this post “Doubling Up” because after an hour of Body Pump for we stayed for a 45 minute high energy Zumba class.  It was unlike any other Zumba class.  It was intense – especially on the heels of Body Pump!  It was fun – and I was forever going left while the other 50 participants were going right –I must have said “sorry” to the gals next to me a 100 times.

Some photos to share the joy -


  1. I wish I had time for classes. I like group things!

  2. LOVE it!!! such a stud! ;)
    I'm trying to get ahead on my homework today so that I can go to Zumba on Thursday... So excited to go! :)

  3. Double up, huh! Great plan. When I double up the treadmill and spin class I'm always exhausted after. That's part of the deal, right?