Friday, January 13, 2012

Chapter 2 page 519–FAV workout DVD

There is a slow, quiet lifestyle revolution over here in this corner of the blogosphere.  I’ve been on this type of band wagon before but I’m hoping it sticks this time – with each passing day I’m gaining confidence.  Out of fear of failing, I’m not quite ready to share the details (it’s not really all that exciting so please don’t loose sleep waiting on the post where I reveal all – ha) but . . . know I’m trying and working hard to healthify my habits.  Fingers crossed – more details to come (promise!).

The old Wells L would have just sat on the couch (watching Dr. Oz) and enjoyed the super awesome wintery day . . . the 2012 Wells L says, “NOPE – get your gigantic A$$ off the couch and do at least some exercise” before going out to eat on a double date (DVRing Dr. Oz).

Although I’m hardcore enough to run outside in wintery conditions (remember THIS recent run)  today is a bit too extreme.  The wind chill is below zero, the visibility is about 200’, and the ice is plentiful and the snow is driving . . . I think I’m going to stay inside – thanks Mother Nature.  I don’t have any home equipment or a gym membership, but I have some workout DVDs (remnants of my skinnier days . . .now collecting dust).   Seems like a good enough set of circumstances to bust out one of my FAV DVD’s . . .

You can click on the picture (if I did it right) and it will take you to the Amazon page where it’s available for $17.99.  It’s by far, hands down, one of the best workout DVD’s I’ve ever done.  I always hate complicated steps and can easily feel overwhelmed when I can’t remember the next move . . . Kimberly (the lead instructor. . . yeah, we’re tight enough to be on a first name basis – don’t be jealous you can be friends with her too) perfectly times her verbal cues.  I used to attend Kick Boxing classes when I lived in Virginia so this DVD uses the basics I learned in that class.  New to kickboxing?  No problem, there is a tutorial section.  Too advanced for most workout DVDs?  No problem, this DVD has combat intervals that can be done in between the cardio sections.  For a little more value, there is also an abs section and there is some balance activities mixed with the cool down. 

Do you do workout DVDs?  If so, what’s your favorite? 


  1. I have a bunch of DVDs, even P90x and go through phase where I do them a lot and then not at all. I am in a not at all phase right now.

  2. I have a bunch of dvds too, mostly richard simmons and yoga booty ballet. I have been bad about doing them the last year, but I am trying to get back into it. I like the YBB because its something new and fun. As far as Richard Simmons, call me crazy but I like it because I recognized most of the music and it doesn't feel like I am working out.

  3. Oh, I want to do kick boxing! I've only ever done boxing on the Wii.