Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter 2 page 273 - I'm addicted to bling

Last night I posted I signed up for the
Big Sur Half Marathon in November. 

Well, today, I'm announcing I have signed up for the Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon in October.  

Let's not forget I already have the Fort 4 Fitness
Half Marathon in September. 

Your help is needed . . . 
have you done a Rock 'n' Roll series race or know someone who has?  Thoughts?  Advice?  Was there a finisher's medal ('cuz I'm not seeing any mention of one - HUGE SIGH!)?  Would you do another one?


  1. Will you pack me in your bag and take me to Big Sur? I promise to provide awesome, awesome road support and feed you Chomps as you run by :)

  2. @ Kimbelry -HECK YEAH! COME ON!!! Will you make a sign cheering "C" and I on??? If so- we can upgrade you to overhead baggage storage instead of the cargo hold :)

  3. wow... those are some awesome races to look forward to! you go girl!! :) I have not run a rock n roll race but i would love to sometime in the future! :)

  4. Hi girl. Thanks for all the support. I miss you too. I should have texted/emailed you. Thank you!

  5. I ran RnR New Orleans & it was fab!! Great medal, well organized, great afterparty. I signed up for RnR Providence too!

  6. I've never done a RNR event, but am hoping to do the Savannah Half this year. I'd also love to do the RNR Seattle Half next year. I haven't been to Seattle since 2005 and really want to go back to visit.

    You should totally come to MN sometime and do a Team Ortho race! We have stained glass medals for our finishers. :)

  7. @ Richelle - totally hook me up with a website so I can check out the schedule and you should consider me there in 2011. . . .could we have a bloggy meet up? I've been to Minneapolis once before (not for running0 - it was so clean and everyone was so friendly. I love bling so stained glass bling would definitely ROCK!!!

  8. I did RNR Dallas its first year and I can assure there will be a medal, that would be an awfully hefty entry fee for no medal. :)