Monday, April 25, 2011

Chapter 2 page 292 - "You asked" part 2 - food edition

Recently, in celebration of my 300th post, I offered up an "Ask me anything" opportunity.  This post will answer 2 questions about food.

Christina from Mommaof3ontherun (who, by the way, is a GEM - if you ever get the chance to meet her in "real life" you will totally see what I mean !!!).  I had the pleasure of meeting her when "C" and I ran the Women's Half last November in St. Petersburg.  Hey Christina - I'm so coming back in November 2012 - would you consider doing it again? I digress, back to the point of this post . . .

Christina asked:
" Maybe something about how you manage to keep to a weight loss plan while getting enough nutrients for running...I'd love to hear how you reach that balance".

Well, regretfully, I'm pathetic when it comes to weight loss and eating.  One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard was "be the role model - that person at work that everyone looks at and thinks "wow he/she is such a healthy eater" or says "wow, he/she really takes good care of herself."  As part of my job, I am a wellness coach so at work and when I'm in public, I do make an effort to make good/healthy food choices.  If I'm out of town, alone, or at home - well, decisions don't always go so well.  I will say that since my high triglyceride diagnosis at the end of January, I've done a LOT better.  I've never been a follower of weight watchers or anything, though I have no doubt that can be extremely effective - but in the end, it comes down to choices. . . what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, etc.  All that said, since January when I undertook my "lifestyle revolution" I have noticed that eating more fruits and veggies and whole grains has kept my blood sugar more regulated (no more of those ups and downs - unless I make poor choices, which with the Easter candy that was in the stores for what surely was MONTHS, definitely happened) and to my surprise, it has given me all the energy I have needed to get in those long runs.  Being mindful of portion size, protein/carbs and really aiming for 7-9 produce servings seems to keep me on the right track.  My big failure comes in the form of failure to plan (failure plan my menu for the week, failure to grocery shop for the week, failure to pack my snacks, etc).

Next, Molly from Imasleeperbaker asked . . .
"My question is related to food, and I want to make it fun....what would your last meal be???" 

What a great question -totally a tough one!!  And given my answer to the above question, I feel quite hypocritical, but you asked . . .  I would definitely start with dessert and it would definitely be a multi-layered cake - probably chocolate and vanilla with tons of frosting.  I think then I would have the main course . . .
Filet mignon - well done and bacon wrapped (it's my last meal, right? why not), maybe even topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms and a delicious sauce or blue cheese crumbles
Crab cake - jumbo lump
Greek salad - extra Feta & olives
Fruity flavored martinis and margaritas - keep 'em coming

What would you choose for your last meal?


  1. I would choose the most delicious pasta in the world with a glass of tasty red wine. I'd also have a bunch of Cadbury mini-eggs for dessert. :)

  2. Holy cow, your last meal sounds PER-fect : )

    I would start with nachos with everything on them, followed by pizza. Dessert would be chocolate mousse with whipped cream. All washed down with some chardonnay. gulp. : )

  3. I'd totally crash the party and run that race with you guys!!