Friday, April 8, 2011

Chapter 2 page 278 - book review

First, some background info on how this book became on my reading list.
Back in January, Frank Shorter (click HERE to learn more about him) was the keynote speaker at the annual Fort Wayne Track Club awards banquet.  Accompanying him to the Summit City was author, John Brant - John is most commonly known for his long-time regular contributions to Runner's World magazine.  He also wrote the well known non-fiction book "Duel in the Sun" detailing the life path of two runners, Dick Beardsley and Alberto Salazar.  John was accompanying Frank on this whirlwind visit to Northern Indiana because he was doing research for a piece (not sure if it's going to be a book or an article) he was writing about Frank's life.  My running mentor, "M", knew he would be meeting both Frank Shorter and also this author.  "M" was very familiar with Frank, but read the book "Duel in the Sun" to learn more about John Brant.  After he finished the book, "M" suggested that I might enjoy reading it as well.  So . . . I did. 
Initially, I hated this book.  It is really difficult to follow due to it's heavy use of flashbacks.  I put the book back on the shelf for over a month thinking that after 4 chapters this just wasn't the book for me.  I, however, pulled it out and got into it . . . finishing up the remaining 210 pages in just 2 evenings.  The book discusses America's greatest marathon and the year that 2 world class runners were neck and neck and finished with just 2 seconds separating first and second place.  This book is a well told story of the highs and lows before, during, and after the epic race.  You can learn more about the book from it's wikipedia page - HERE

Given it's "Boston time" - this is a great gift for runners and readers alike (available used at amazon for $3.66, it's a bargain!!!). 

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