Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chapter 2 page 290 - giving back

Today, "C" and I gave back to the running community which has given so much to us.

Just a random photo from the web, not a photo of today's event!  

 Today our small local running club hosted an event called "Spring Training 5 & 10 Miler".  It's always a small intimate race (usually under 50 racers) and is intended for area runners who are training for the Flying Pig or Indy Mini or other major spring race.  Although the actual race was extremely well organized (no surprise, a veteran race director was in charge) - details about the event in the weeks leading up to today were a little uncertain.  Without having the event specifics (time, location, etc), "C" and I did our long run yesterday but that left us without plans for this morning.  So, late last night we decided to be race volunteers.  "C" and I were put in charge of the 2 water stations (which served as 4 water stations for the runners in the out and back course).  It was so rewarding to cheer on the 40 runners (including some of FW's fastest like Eric Ade and 4 other 3 Rivers Running Company elite runners) and help them feel encouraged (and hydrated) along the route.

Have you volunteered for a race?  What did you do and what was your experience like?


  1. Oh boy. 40 runners? I would have been last by far. Which of course is embarrassing.

    The woman in that pic looks HARD CORE.

    Never a race volunteer. :(

  2. I do a lot of volunteering for Team Ortho Foundation. I usually help out with packet pickup, although I have been a course marshal before. It's so much fun to help out fellow runners, ensuring that they have a great race experience.

  3. SO much fun volunteering! Way to go! And happy Easter!