Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chapter 2 page 284 - TR 99 + Spring Into Training

Tonight was the first night of my 10 week training program called "Spring Into Training".  We had 45 people sign up - it was so fantastic to see all the men and women jumping in with both feet.  This program is exactly like the other 5 I have coordinated.  It will alternate training sessions with guest speakers (on topics such as hydration, cross training, injury prevention, etc).  Tonight was orientation and registration followed by an easy 1 miler.  A quick survey of the room seem to show that the majority of the folks were at least considering doing a 5K (or further) race within 6 months . . . they don't know it, but I'm hoping they will do the Full Moon 5K and Fairways event on 6/17/11 here in Bluffton (a cross country 5K followed by a few holes of night golf - HOW.MUCH.FUN!!!).  Next week, there will be a guest speaker from 3 Rivers Running Company talking about shoes and apparel.  Participants get a discount at 3 RRCo during the 10 week program.  I'm so excited about this program because 2 previous programs just like it have changed my life - first one got me into racing, the second one introduced me to "C".  Stay tuned - I'll post weekly updates on the event.  It's not to late to join us.  The program is only $10 and meets Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in room 401 of the Bluffton Regional Medical Center.  To sign up (next week is the final chance to join us), please email me at spunky (underscore) lisa (at) yahoo (dot) com with the subject S.I.T.  I know there's some locals reading this who are walkers/runners . . . come on and join us.

Before tonight's Spring Into Training session, "C" and I got in an easy 2:2 3 miler - except it didn't feel that easy to me.  My left shin was hurting (again . . . or still) and it was pretty warm.  It felt really difficult compared to other runs, but then again, my Monday 4 miler felt challenging too.  Kind of depresses me - when do the shorter runs get easy??????  Anyway, I'm thinking that it's a little more difficult because I have really gone up in my mileage this week.  I think I did 23.7 miles, and I have been doing like less than 15.  During our time together tonight, "C" and I decided when we will be going down to at least drive, and maybe even run, the Geist route . . . fingers crossed I don't FREAK OUT with the hills.  Once we do that, I will definitely let you know how it goes (please don't forget to breathe in the meantime, I know - you are on pins and needles with anxiety waiting to hear my thoughts of the course - SMILE!!!).

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  1. Bummer on your shin! Seriously it's the "easy" runs that get ya. You think they will be no biggie and then WHAM you feel like you have been hit by a car.

    The moon run sounds very nice!

  2. Holly is right about the easy runs. My run on Wednesday felt hard.

    Sounds like you've signed up for an awesome training program. I usually run by myself, but would like to join a running group at some point.