Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chapter 2 page 283 - 300th post

My blog . . . by the numbers
# posts = 300 

# months to reach 300 =15 1/2 months (first post on 12/29/09; 100th post on 7/14/10; 200th post on 12/8/10; 300th post on 4/13/11)

# followers = 15 (Love you ladies - thank you SO MUCH for following me on my journey!)

# comments= 524 (I'm thankful for EACH and EVERY comment - thank you, everyone!!!!)

# bloggers I've met in real life= 5 (Rustbeltrunner, Healthystrides, Weighing In, Flying Kites, Mommaof3ontherun) and  (soon to meet 2 more at the Geist next month-Thisisahorribleidea, SwimbikeruntrainwithLisa)

# background changes = 3 (can't remember the first one, books, and now pinkie)

# blogs I read daily = 29 (I read EVERY blog on my blogroll whenever they're updated)

# Stylish Blog awards awarded = 3 (Thanks everyone who has nominated me)

In honor of my 300th post, I'd like to do as others have done, I'd like to host a round of ASK ME ANYTHINGFire away - I'll try to answer all the questions.  Additionally, if you have any topics you would like me to write about - add those to your comment too. I'll see what I can do!!!

Thanks for following my journey - 
I'm happy to have you along!!!


  1. Loved this post - so creative - and congrats on #300!

    Hmmm...I would like to know more about your Idenity Theft story...if it's not too private. :)

    Keep up the blogging!


  2. you are so cute, and I LOVE the weight loss challenge button you made!!!

    I hope your heel is feeling better : (

    My question is related to food, and I want to make it fun....what would your last meal be???

  3. Dude I totally posted on here last night? Where did my comment go?! Ahhh!

  4. Yay for 300 posts!

    I want to know ... how much you love me? Ha! Just kidding. What I really want to know is how you stay so positive. You are always such a (much needed) source of optimism and encouragement, which I admire.

    Also, what's your dream destination race?

  5. yay!! look at you!! 300 posts!! :D That's so exciting!

    I love you too!! :)

    hmm... are you still fluent in sign? When you first started running, how long did it take you to run more than one mile? What made you want to start blogging in the first place? :)

  6. Well... for the record my post was that I wanted to hear more about your Hubz. I have never seen a pic and all I know is that you said he likes Superbowl food!

    Oh and tell us how you started blogging/what made you create a blog. How did you hear about blogging?

  7. Darn... I can't think of any good questions right now! But I can't wait to read your answers to the questions several lovely ladies have already asked. :)

  8. Hi girl. Hope you are well...Thank you for always being a great follower/friend/blogger!

    I would love to see a pic of the hubby too!

    Maybe something about how you manage to keep to a weight loss plan while getting enough nutrients for running...I'd love to hear how you reach that balance (selfish reasons)