Monday, April 11, 2011

Chapter 2 page 281 - TR 97

Today was suppose to be our long run (but it was moved to this past Saturday because today's forecast was for wind and storms).  I had packed my clothes, as I always do, just in case the weather was nice enough to get in a couple miles . . . and it was absolutely stunning.  I geared up and set out for a run (and by run, you all know that I mean a run/walk, right?).  I set out on a path that I could go 2, 4, 6, or more miles depending on how I felt - I could turn around at various points.  I did this alone because "L" had to work and I hadn't had a chance to talk to "C" since the weather turned nice at the last minute.  I listened to my tunes.  I struggled initially-the air was thick.  I was VERY sweaty - of all days to forget to pack a bondi-band, sigh!  I found my rhythm and when I reached the 2.4 mile point I decided to turn around and run longer intervals.  I did 2 intervals of 6:2.  I felt good about running longer - the second one was quite a challenge.  I then decided that I could benefit from some speed-walking interval training. Why speedwalking instead of jogging? - 1.)  my usual walking intervals are a little slow; 2.) my shins could use a little strengthening (try speed walking - that's serious shin action!!!); and 3.) why not - couldn't hurt.  I'm glad I only did it for 1 minute - my shins really got fatigued not to mention my heart and lungs which were working hard.  I looked just like those Olympic speedwalkers - hips a' rockin' and all!  Sexy - huh!  Ohhh, and I sang my tunes out loud because well,. . . no one was around.  Anyway, my second half was 5 minutes faster than my first half so . . . I 'd say that's pretty good.  Total time for 4.77 miles . . . 1:03.53.  Not too shabby for me!  Tomorrow, "L" and I are going for a short 2-3 miler (it feels as if it has been FOR-EV-ER since I worked with "L" . . . "C" is getting an hour hot rock massage tomorrow . . . so jealous!!!).


  1. Good girl for packing your clothes and going it solo! And then the longer intervals! You are making strides and don't even know it :)

    I love the image of you speed walking. I walk SLOW and only speed walk if I'm really mad. Just ask Mark!

  2. Nice job on increasing your run ratio.

    You should post about your tunes. I am curious what you listen to :)