Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chapter 2 page 286 - "You asked" part 1: husband

As part of my 300th post, I did a "ASK ME ANYTHING" session . . .
I'm going to start with answering the request of Holly @ Rustbeltrunner and Christina @ Mommaof3ontherun who both wanted to see a photo of my husband. 

Well, he's NOT thrilled I'm posting a photo, but after arguing about it - he gave in and agreed that I could show you this photo  . . .
He's a HUGE outdoorsy guy.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, and camping.  This is a photo of him helping me get my first fish off the hook.

But I think that photo just wouldn't satisfy your interest, so . . . I'm sneaking in one more photo. I before I reveal that photo I want to share with you a little bit about my husband.  Before I really "met" him, I had known "of" him because he works in my office building - though, he always looked like he was 55 years old - he started balding and turned gray early in his 20's (poor guy).  When I first started working in the building there were SEVERAL employees trying to get us together.  I was like, "UMM, no he's OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDDD".  Come to find out - back then - he was only like 37 . . . poor guy, seriously looked 55!  My husband is super quiet and doesn't often speak or cause any attention to be called to him (those of you know me in "real life" know I'm 100% the opposite!).  Eventually, I had worked in the building for about 3 years and one day he came to my office (strictly for business), we started talking (slightly less officially) and I discovered he has the BEST sense of humor - I laughed my butt off (problem is he is so quiet at work that NO ONE believes me that he's so funny!!!!).  We have been married almost 3.5 years.  I digress, the photo below is on our honeymoon, we were getting ready to eat at Ruth's Chris. 


  1. Awww! Thanks for sharing this! I was actually going to ask the same question - glad some other girls convinced you to post about this.

    Sarah :)

  2. aww!! :) yay! Thanks for posting this... it's fun to learn more about your blog friends (and their husbands) :)

  3. Aw yay! Thanks for posting about your Hubz. How cute!

  4. Awww... your husband sounds like a real winner!