Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chapter 2 page 296 - TR 103 the whole thing & heel update

Here's what you need to know  - 
13 miles - DONE!
hill training - DONE!

The part that's not important - 
It wasn't pretty!
It wasn't easy!
It wasn't fast (my watch accidentally got reset at mile 9- huge bummer).
We went backwards (by accident) on one part of route and changed the last 4 miles of our route like 3 times. 

Heel update - this is an important update!
I have had a busy week and not had a chance to post about my heel (I know you were ALL waiting eagerly for a progress note-sorry to keep you on the hook!).  Well, this week my "normal" therapist has been on vacation so I've had the other therapist.  The very first scrape on Tuesday I broke out in a full body sweat.  I screamed out loud (there was absolutely no holding it in).  It was 100% more painful than what the other therapist had done.  Oh my friends- there is NO way to describe it.  I thought it had been a horrible experience these past 5 weeks - nope, that seemed like a day spa treatment compared to what this other therapist was doing.  The ONLY upside is that he only scraped 5 times (instead of 20) in each direction and usually did only 30 scrapes TOTAL (as opposed to more than 200).  He decided that after 20 - I was done for the first treatment - ummmm, that's because I was no longer laying down - I was standing up screaming (though my foot was still in his hands - think stork stance)!!  No chance I had any sort of containment or maturity or dignity.  Later, he stopped by my office and said "It's good it wasn't your left foot because I would have used my right hand and I could have really dug in but using my left hand I don't get very good force."  He was dumbfounded when I explained OVER AND OVER that he was pressing sooooooooooo much harder than the other therapist.  I swear he didn't believe me.  Well - he actually has another patient he has treated this week who also confirmed he is day/night from the other therapist (vindication - not nuts after all!!!).  Yesterday was my 2nd session with him.  My reaction was the exact same - out loud screaming (the department director later said it sounded like the orgasm scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" - I was yelling "OH M - Sweet God, M!!! OHHHH M STOP! . . . M did say that he was glad that no other patients were around - yep!).  After the appointment I was in so much pain - I totally knew that I was NOT going to go through another session of this!  I guess that's good because he put me back on the other therapist's schedule and told me that "He was done with me!"  (Nice! - the feeling was mutual buddy- ha!). 
Well - guess what . . . . after my 2.3 miler last night my heel didn't hurt at all!  And now, tonight, after my 13 miler - it hurts only like a 2-3 (instead of a 50 out of 10) . . . .even after I stand up after sitting for awhile.  "C" said that she has never seen me walk so well.  While typing this post I've gotten up a couple of times to let my dog in/out PAIN FREE (well, other things hurt, but not my heel) - I would have NEVER volunteered to let the dog out before - just too painful. 
Now what????  More sessions of the absolute WORST PAIN imaginable?  I think it looks that way (HUGE SIGH!!!!!!).  Stay tuned for how I do tomorrow morning -that will be the official test of my progress though I definitely notice a HUGE IMPROVEMENT right now (God is good!!!)


  1. Oh, dear! I hope you had a martini afterward or something to make it worthwhile. I'm cringing just thinking about it! On the other hand, I'm glad your heel pain was better.

  2. yikes!! sometimes us therapists need to be tough in order to get the job done! glad you're having less pain though!!!

  3. Speechless.

    How long are they going to keep scraping you? Is this a long-term fix or is it supposed to stop eventually?!?!?

  4. GREAT run!!! :) you rock!!

    um, ouch! that sounds so painful!! jeesh! But I'm glad your heel is feeling a lot better! :) Hopefully it heals up completely! :)

  5. Way to bust out those 13 miles! You are a trooper!