Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Howdy everyone! Here's an honest question - How are you doing today? What kind of day was it for you? Personally, I'm loving the warmer weather (not that 30 degrees is warm, but what a difference it is from -10 windchill, huh?!?!). Also, perhaps you've had a chance to notice that at 5:45 p.m. there is considerable light outside and at 6:00 p.m. tonight, there was still a bit of light - AWESOME!!!!!!! God is sooo great!

As for me and my goals and my very hectic week (you might recall I did mention my hectic week when setting the goals for this week). Great news - my super morbidly obese booty went to the gym tonight and I did 2 full circuits with my tag and only had 19 residual (far better than the 90 the first day back, and 45 my second time). The gym was great because there weren't many people there, but those who were there are my good friends (my gym angel "K", my sweaty bff "M", and my 5K racing gal pal "D", and of course the coach "R"). Love you girls - thanks for making working out as fun as possible!

I did also drink the bottle of water and eat 2 (actually 3) servings of veggies with dinner tonight.

Tomorrow's my biggest event that I coordinate all year. Wish me luck!!!!!

One last thing - PRETTY please, consider joining the "Spring into Training" program that will start Tuesday, February 9th at 5:30 in room 401 of the hospital. It's going to be $20, but worth every penny. You'll have support, accountability, a personalized plan, discount on shoes and apparel, access to a dietician, and physical therapist (ummm, not mentioning any names, but ONE of my readers could really benefit from that at the moment), free access to the YMCA one day a week, and so much more. I did the training program from June to September and it absolutely changed my life!!!!!!!! Think about it - you'll hear more from me on the subject!

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  1. Lisa,
    I said a prayer for you today!! Hope all goes well! By the way I am considering :)You were refering to me right? :) It is just a bad time of day for me. (Supper, Homework and ballgames) But still I am tempted.
    Keep Up the good work!