Friday, January 22, 2010

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Where did this week go? Sorry for all of you who have "tuned in" daily to find the latest in my crazy life . . . only to be disappointed that I had not posted. Some of my gym friends got to witness first hand on Thursday night, the craziness that is my daily job (sweaty bff - "Am I busy?" No, not at all - love ya girl!!!)

Wow - so, this week was NUTS and next week is even crazier, BUT for now - it's FRIDAY - woooo hoooooo!!!! PTL!

Let me check in with you about your daily victories and your goals. How has your view changed since you have taken time to think about your daily victory?

As for me, I'll now report on my weekly goals (Uggg!):
1. Drink at least one bottle of water with dinner each night of the week.
100% I did this every night; however, I didn't actually get to eat dinner last night but I did drink a bottle of water at what would have been dinner time.

2. Weigh in on Monday or Tuesday and post it on the blog (uggg!)
100% Sure wasn't pretty but I did it (dread!)

3. Eat at least 2 servings of veggies 4 nights this week.
75% I at 2 veggies on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

4. Go to the gym and complete 2 circuits with my tag at least 2 times this week.
100% Thank goodness. I went on Monday & Wednesday. I had hoped to get there today, but I had to work later than the gym was open.

5. Walk for at least 30 minutes at a 15 min/mile pace or faster at least twice this week.
0% - Stunk this up. I had such hopes of success. This week went by too fast! I really wanted to do this - uggggg. Maybe next week?

6. Write down everything I put into my mouth on Monday and Tuesday.
100% - Gold star to me. I discovered the key to success with this goal was to not worry about a fancy food diary, binder, or spreadsheet - plain ol' post it note stuck on my name badge worked GREAT! I think I will have to do this again in the future (next week?)

7. Write down one "daily victory" each day.
60% - I actually wrote (or typed) a daily victory on Monday and Tuesday and today's victory is that I was really going to lie about the % I accomplished this goal, but decided against it.

Well, the goals didn't come out as badly as I originally thought they would. That's one reason it's important to give them an actual % of completion. If you were to have asked me, I would have said I did HORRIBLY this week, but taking time to honestly assign a % to each goal, it's really not all terrible (100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 75%, 60%, 0%). How did you do with your goals this week? Feel free to share your goals and what % of completion you give yourself.

During my next post, I will discuss a key wellness coaching concept called, "Wellness Vision" - here's a tease . . . road map?

Blog at you soon! Enjoy your weekend! Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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