Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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For starters: Commenting on my blog -
Well, I just knew there had to be a good reason why I haven't received millions of comments from my worldwide viewership. Thanks to my blog mentor, Susie, I discovered that you all were unable to post a comment - so sorry. I really am not qualified to be blogging - they should have blogging training wheels :) I have spent more than 8 hours trying to figure out how to make it work right. I did enable the comments, but every time I try to update the template (as in something simple like getting rid of the dumb google ad, or add a photo, or put that cute "inside front cover" paragraph, or anything that made my multi-color blog awesome) comments quit working. Since my settings are right, the only other thing that I have found contributing to the problem seems to be the computer code that tells the blog's template what to do and well. . . that is WAY over my head. So for now, my boring blog is at least viewable and comment-able - so, pretty please . . . . .. comment away!!!!!!!!!!! There's no free readership here people - you're obligated to leave me a comment :) JK - but honestly Susie, I understand the need to feel like you're being read.

Today was pretty much a completely wasted diet day! I'm not sure why I chose to throw the whole thing in the toilet - but that's where it went and honestly, I just flushed it - I didn't even try to stop it - in fact, I got the plunger out to do it up even bigger. I think a part of me is waiting until the HUGE county-wide weight loss challenge program begins on 1/21 . . . how pathetic is that? (Stop! You don't have to tell me, I already know!!! Truly truly truly pathetic!) It's needless to say, I did NOTHING toward my week's goals today - I did manage to eat 6 donuts (OMG - did I just say that outloud? No, actually , I only typed it - shew, that was a close one).

How do you get back on the wagon? What keeps you from even falling off the wagon to begin with? At the moment you are standing at the donut counter, what keeps you from saying "I'll take 6?"

God Bless - Here's to new beginnings (again!)

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  1. Lisa,
    Don't give up! You took a huge step getting back on the wagon by just telling us you fell off. You are inspiring me! I had my 2 veggies yesterday!! I also started a new workout. Jillian's ( from biggest loser)30 day Shred. I am really feeling it this morning. Today your going to do great!! You have to! If you feel the need for something sweet take a bite or two then throw the rest away. It is really very empowering to beat the sweets!
    We can do this together!