Monday, January 4, 2010

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I think this blog thing is going to do the trick . . . at least on the accountability front. I can't imagine letting down my hundreds of thousands of readers (so, I've become a bit delusional-ha!).

I already reported my progress toward 2 of the goals earlier, but I have great news toward my goals #1, 3, 4.

Goal #1 - get to the gym, do 2 circuits with my tag: DONE! I had 90 residual which was absolutely shocking, but . . . I know that will improve the more often I go. Today was the first day back in 2 weeks. Many of my favorite friends were there working out with me - thanks girls (my sweaty bff, K, R, B, A, B, and so many others)

Goal #4 - drink at least one bottle of water with dinner 4 nights this week: DONE! I was still thirsty so I followed the water with the last of some Christmas wine from my "All 4 Losing It" teammate Jen - thanks chica - awesome!!!!)

Goal #3 - eat at least 2 servings of veggies: DONE! I ate 4 cups of mixed lettuce Caesar salad. I use an awesome tasting 50 kcal/serving dressing called Rao Street from Fresh Market. Thankfully my husband doesn't like too much dressing so it was hugely healthy and superbly delicious.

Woo Hoo - I'm not going to be losing 100 pounds this week (bummer- truly wish it were that easy!), but I am making great progress toward the goals I set for this week.

How are you doing with your goals? Hang in there - just get through today!

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