Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chapter 2 page 21 - daylight

Howdy everyone!!! I just am in such a great mood - wanna know why??? It's still sunny - and technically still in the afternoon - AND I'm off of work - wooooo hoooooo! So, I wanted to give a quick post to tell you about how my goals are going and about the fun I had last night.

First - goal update:

1. Write down one daily victory each day.
Today's victory was realizing that my best is good enough at work and that super inhumanly fantabulous isn't necessary - at least not today.

2. Write down 3 things I'm thankful for 4 days this week.
a. I'm thankful my friends use humor to keep my grounded. b. I'm thankful I have awesome organizational skills. c.I'm thankful my cravings for cream filled, frosted, and/or cake foods has significantly decreased (not gone, but not controlling my every thought presently)

3. Work out for 30 minutes 2 days this week.
I ordered 2 dvd's from Amazon and they arrived today. My sweaty bff wants me to work out with her at the gym tonight and I should - but I'm sooo thrilled to be home during day light so . . . I'm going to consider doing one of my new dvd's right here in my living room - but presently, I'm sitting on the couch and it is ever so comfy. That said, I did Zumba last night (more on that in a few minutes) and saw my hugeness in gigantic mirrors and oh - that was NOT pretty so YES, I'll be doing one of my new dvd's in the next 90 minutes - pinkie swear.

4. Drink at least 16 oz of water with each dinner during the week.
Haven't had dinner yet.

Now onto Zumba -
Many of my thousands of readers already know that I absolutely fell IN LOVE with Zumba back in October when I did the Girls Night Out 5K in Kokomo. That event had a girls only 5K race then dinner then they closed off in front of their courthouse where 400 women did Zumba in the street - how remarkable. It was a most fantastic time!!! I've been trying to get into a Zumba class ever since - ugg, finally last night I was able to participate (super fun). I had several of my work friends and also some of my gym friends there. There were probably 60 other people in the class as well- packed!!!! So if you aren't familiar - Zumba is usually described as a Latin Salsa Dance aerobics. My friends who participated last night for the first time think it's a step shy of pole dancing. It is, indeed, a whole lotta' booty shaking! It's a lot of craziness BUT it's a total thrill (unless you are confronted with your hugeness in the oversize dance studio mirrors then - it's a horror!!!!) It is a fantastic workout and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon!

Hope you have a great day and get a chance to experience true joy today!

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