Monday, January 4, 2010

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240.2 (We're going to call this, "My New Starting Point" - and God willing, I won't see anything that high again EVER!!!!!!!!)

So I wanted to give you a quick update on how I'm progressing on my weekly goals. It is important to review them often so that you don't forget what they are. It would be terrible to look back at the week's goals on Friday night and realize you had a goal of exercising 5 days during the week. So, besides making sure your goals are indeed, SMART (specific, measurable, action based, realistic, timed) - be sure to review them at least once a day.

Goal #5 - weigh in on Tuesday and report it.
I actually prefer to weigh in on Monday mornings (great way to be more accountable during the weekend) and thankfully my work schedule allowed me to weigh in today (instead of Tuesday as was stated in my goal); therefore, I have accomplished this goal with a 100%.

I'm planning on hitting the gym with my sweaty bff after we get off work (goal #1)- although I'm sure it will be a super challenge, I'm looking forward to returning to working out regularly. I'll blog about how it goes as well as what 2 veggies I eat for dinner (goal #3)later this evening . . . if my arms aren't too tired from the gym :)

Did you decide on your goals for this week? Having trouble setting goals? Keep them realistic. It's far more important to be successful than to set a crazy goal and fail. Jump into goal setting by making just 1 or 2 goals for this week. I'd love to read about your goals.

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