Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chapter 2 page 17

Well . . . where to start?

First, thanks to everyone who is reading my blog. I'm so sorry if you are having trouble posting a comment. I promise I will continue to work on it - keep reading in the meantime. Try allowing pop-ups (that's one thing the "help" desk says to try).

Second, were you able to think about your daily victories? What did you come up with? How did you fell when you identified your victory for the day? Good feeling, ain't it. Thanks Susie for sharing your victory for the day - it's a good one!!! The rest of you - share away. I'd love to hear from you. Email me your victory if you can't post it.

Third, food diary day 2 - hmmm. Well, I did write down everything I ate. I don't feel as good about it today as I did yesterday. Yesterday it seemed to keep me from straying off the good path - today, not so much.

Fourth, I didn't get my walk in today as I had hoped; however, I did drink water with dinner and did eat 2 servings of veggies.

Last, but not least. My daily victory . . .
Today, I didn't even think about eating Halloween candy in my office - that's really very awesome (for me). I've said in my postings before that complete abstinence is the only way that I can stop eating cake, frosted, or cream filled items. I have zero ability to moderate my eating of them. I haven't had anything like that for little while (hmm, not sure how long, at least a week if not longer) and what a difference I feel in the level of cravings. Yesterday I had to talk myself out of eating a piece of candy. Today I didn't even think about eating a piece - that's HUGE for me!!!! One day at a time!

What's your daily victory? How are you doing with your weekly goals? Hang in there - you'll get there!!!


  1. Lisa,
    I have the same problem, Kind of the all or nothing. I do take bites of sweets but then I can't stop thinking about them! I had to smile thinking of you walking around with a post it note of everything you ate yesterday attached to your badge. You are awesome! Thanks so much for checking about my injury.I APPRECIATE it SO MUCH!! I did see a doc today and he pretty much said what you did. I am starting with the deep muscle therapy at home. Not fun but if helps the way I heal so be it!
    Have a great day!

  2. Susie,
    You're awesome!!! Thanks for commenting. Yeah, my post-it note on my badge is stylish. Glad you are getting some treatment for your leg. It's awesome to know someone else struggles with the all or nothing problem. None of my friend seem to understand - welcome to the boat with me :)
    I still think you and 3 other friends need to do the Wells Weighs In (you don't have to be in Wells County). It's a HUGE program and should be pretty exciting. It starts Thursday - get a team and join me in this craziness!!!
    Have a great night!